Who can shop with us

Anyone experiencing tough times can shop at FoodCare Orange. 

What we sell

Our shop has a range of grocery items on offer and with a weekly delivery, it's always changing. We have  bread, milk, eggs, and meat, as well as seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables.

Some of our food may be labelled past its 'best before' date but it will always be within its 'use-by' date. Sometimes this can mean that it has a lost a little of its quality, but it is still fresh and tasty. 

How to shop at FoodCare Orange

Shopping with us is easy. All our products are priced using a point system. For example, $5 = 10 points, $10 = 20 points etc. All items are labelled according to how many points they are. Those with no label equal 1 point. 


Customers must spend a minimum of $5 and can spend a maximum of $30 at any one time.

Food vouchers

Local Community service agencies can order $10 food vouchers to provide to their clients. Once vouchers are redeemed at the shop, agencies are then invoiced. Contact us to learn more.

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