Our team

We have a fabulous team of volunteers who help to make FoodCare Orange a success. Some of our volunteers have taken on extra responsibilities. To help the service run smoothly and develop the committee has appointed two coordinators:

  • Food Coordinator This is a paid position responsible for ordering and managing the stock and ensuring a range of affordable items for customers. 

  • Volunteer Coordinator This position is responsible for the recruitment and support of volunteers.

Our mission

FoodCare Orange is a not-for-profit social enterprise established in 2012. We provide individuals and families on low incomes access to affordable, fresh food, groceries and household items.

We are run by an elected management committee comprising of voluntary community members. We have a strong network of volunteers who assist in running the shop and are assisted by a range of supporters who help make FoodCare Orange an ongoing success.

Our vision

Through our work, we envisage a community where people don't go hungry, are provided with healthy, fresh food and groceries, and have the opportunity to learn more about nutrition, food sustainability, recycling and waste reduction.

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